Natural Looking Contact Lenses

The Hidrocor series feature their extremely natural effect and they are one of the most popular lens collections we are supplying. These lenses won’t let you down since they can change your eye color naturally and are suitable for multiple occasions such as travel, office, appointments, etc. We provide up to 13 different colors to suit your needs.

With subtle one tone of naturally colored shade and non-limbal ring will reflect a unique hue of your dark and bright eyes. Hidrocor lenses cover dark and light eyes extremely well. This collection features beautiful lenses with comfort, style and convenience.

They have 14.2mm diameter that will help your eyes feel more comfortable and soft. Material of the lenses is HEMA. They have a yearly life span. They come in power and plano and have a base curve of 8.6mm with 40% water content. We do care about your preference so we have colors for every kind of personality.

Blending tinted and warm yellow and light gray together, the Hidrocor Quartz Gray Colored Contacts can enhance your eyes color while adding subtle mysterious effects around the iris. These blended colors create a unique and fresh look like never before. Good for dark eyes.

The Hidrocor Ochre Brown Colored Contacts is the best choice for people who want their eyes to have a warm brown and fresh looking. With its shades of light and soft brown, the contacts could brighten up your dark eyes. What’s more, no limbal ring design provides a natural effect that nobody can notice you are wearing contacts!

The Topaz Blue challenges the rules of the classic blue contacts, blending the ocean blue with tinted yellow, the special pattern creates a unique but natural looking.

With its tinted yellow around the center and no limbal ring design, the Hidrocor Mel Yellow Colored Contacts give subtle blending as well as ensure the color stays natural even when people look at them at a closer distance. It can transform your dark eye to the most vivid one.

The Hidrocor Icy Gray Colored Contacts feature a one-tone natural shade without a limbal ring, creating a mysterious and surprisingly natural look to your eyes. These incredible lenses cover the dark eyes extremely well and will definitely make people say “wow” when they look on you.

The Hidrocor Azul Blue Colored Contacts provides you a comfortable wearing experience and an extremely natural look with its one-tone color and no limbal ring design. Suitable for daily wear.It will make you look like you were born with stunning blue eyes like the ocean.

The Hidrocor Avlea Brown Colored Contacts feature shades of warm and soft brown with no limbal ring. It can brighten up your iris for dark eyes even for the bright eyes! It is perfect for those who want contacts with the natural and brightening effect!

The emerald color is so vibrant and vivid as the first drift of grass growing in spring. These colored contacts with the same color also provide you a fresh and vibrant looking. Just have a try, you’ll be amazed how these emerald green shades change the eye color.

The Hidrocor Crystal Colored Contacts is your best choice if you want a pair of natural contacts. The design features soft and tinted yellow without a limbal ring, creating the most realistic eye color that we all crave. It is uneasy for others to notice them when you are wearing these contacts.

If you want to have a pair of stunning green eyes that rival those of Vivien Leigh and Emma Stone, our Hidrocor Verde Green Colored Contacts bring this beautiful green shade in a natural look without a limbal ring and look vibrant and fresh. Try these contacts suitable for daily wear!

It’s always better to be as close to natural as possible. The Hirocor Marine Blue colored contacts are the perfect combination of natural effect and stunning looking. Wide and saturated lenses make the Marine Blue as the marine, deep and mysterious. Good for people who want to change their looks.

The Hidrocor Graphite Gray Colored Contacts is your best choice if you want a mysterious but natural look. The one-tone color and no limbal ring design are sure to transform your real eyes to stunning looking.

With the soft yellow shade and no limbal ring, the Hidrocor Amber colored contacts are one of the most natural contacts we are selling. These lenses can subtly blend with your eyes, just like you were born with this warm and charming

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